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About Me

I registered as a Childminder in 2011 and have never looked back. I feel I have found my calling in life. I strive to be the best Childminder I can and find my own interests and hobbies a real bonus to making every day feel fun and exciting and not like work at all! Each day is different, every child is unique and I couldn't be happier bringing my experience and skills to a profession I love!

When I left school I started work in Public Relations and Administration. I trained with the Chartered Institute of Marketers and became a Marketing Assistant for a firm of accountants before I married my amazing husband in 2009. After our wedding I decided I wanted a change of career and before we knew it I was pregnant with our daughter. I have always wanted to work with children, having done voluntary work when I was at school at Camp Mowhawk, a Respite Holiday Camp for Autistic children and their families. After I left school and went to work, I still volunteered at Camp Mowhawk, taking time off work to look after children at the camp. I found it rewarding work and very enjoyable. 

I'm in my 30s(JUST), I live in Earley with my husband, daughter and son. We have very friendly pet cats and pet rabbits. In my spare time I like to volunteer in my local community, taking donations to a local food bank, helping my neighbours and networking and helping other local childminders. I also enjoy reading science-fiction/fantasy novels and playing video games (yes I'm a gamer!) I have another passion other than childcare - arts and crafts. I make cards, clothes, soft furnishings, crochet and knit. I love baking - cakes especially!


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