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Qualifications, Memberships, Insurance & Health & Safety

  • I have attended an Ofsted mandatory course, "Child-minder Pre Registration Course". I was awarded a Child-minder Level 3 qualification.

  • I have had paediactric first aid training. (Valid for three years until August 2022).

  • I have attended Safeguarding Children Courses and update my training regularly.  
  • I have Public Liability Insurance. 
  • Both my husband and I have had CRB Checks
  • The Environmental Health Agency inspected my property and found my Food Hygiene met the standard needed for me to be able to provide food.
  • I own my car, fully insured for business use and carrying children, have breakdown cover & clean driving liciences. I also provide car seats for all stages from birth. 

Hours of Business, Charges and Holidays


Hours of Business

I am open Monday to Thursday Core hours 8am to 6pm. Hours available outside the core hours. These hours incur additional charge.


I can open earlier usually from 7.30am and close later, usually 7.30pm, see additional charges for earlier/later times. I do not run session because I do not have funded spaces available.   



Costs will be calculated individually. I charge per hour where stated, and you pay a set monthly cost, based on your contracted hours. As a basic indicator I charge:
£7 per hour for a minimum of 4 hours per day.
£9.00 for the first/last hour(s) if a child is dropped off before 8am or collected after 6pm.
£10.00 per hour for minimum of 4 hours a day for school holiday care and per hour for care on a casual basis.

Childcare vouchers are accepted and I am set up to recieve Tax Free Childcare payments. Payment is required in advance. Set monthly payment is preferred, but other timescales can be discussed to suit you.

Collection and Drop off fee from home can be discussed.

Funded Childcare Spaces NOT AVAILABLE

Unfortunately I do not provide funded childcare spaces.


What the cost includes

I do not charge extra for meals or snacks. 

I do not charge extra for event admission or group admission - BUT I will charge extra for "one off" trips and outings. For example if we took a trip to Legoland, I would only charge the child admission fee if any should apply.

I can provide basic toiletries e.g. Nappies, creams, soaps, sun cream etc.



A deposit will be required prior to the trial period. The deposit will be calculated for each individual and is non refundable.

Retaining Fees

If you are not starting immediately and you would like me to hold a space for more than 2 weeks, a retaining fee will apply. The fee is non-refundable and one month's set fee. 

Term-Time only care requirers a retaining fee over the school holidays to "hold" the space. 



I do not charge when I am on holiday or when I am closed. I do not work on Public/Bank Holidays. I normally take between 20 & 25 days a year leave. I give notice in January of the holiday I have planned for the year, which is often taken in the school holidays. I take one week at Easter, two weeks at the end of the Summer Holidays, October Half-Term, plus other ad-hoc days throught out the year. I close between Christmas and New Year and class this is a Christmas Closure and do not include it in my annual leave allowance. The dates are subject to change and I will give as much notice as possible, a minimum of 2 weeks, but preferably 4 weeks if the dates should change or I take any additional days. 

I charge full rate if you should take any leave when I would otherwise be open. This would in effect be holding your childs place until your return. I ask that you give a minimum of 2 weeks notice, but preferably 4 weeks notice if possible when you plan to take leave.


If I have to close due to a case of COVID 19, I will not charge for either the time I am closed or the time you and your household are in isolation. I have two school age children of my own. When their school bubbles have had to close, I close too. The time I am closed is decided by the school policy.  

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Facilities and set up



Nappies (if needed) both disposable and reusable


Training Pants (if needed)


Toilet training seat and step for use in bathroom


A range of UV sun suits and swim costumes from 6 months up to age 8.

A range of snow suits/pram coats up to age 12 months.

A range of puddle suits from 18 months to age 5.

A range of wellies from size 4 (the smallest I can find) to size 12.

I have a travel potty.

Set up

At present, entrance is through the side gate of my home. The playroom is accessed through the back garden via steps. I have a toilet accessed via the garden and a small utility room off my kitchen. When I am home, I use these main areas and also the dining room after school to sit at the table to eat dinner. The back garden is large and I have lots of outdoor games, toys and play fort. I deep clean the playroom toilet and utility room at the end of everyday and clean frequently touched points regularly throughout the working day. I make sure all the toys are clean, complete and safe to play with. I have a Vax Carpet Cleaner that I use to clean all the carpets once a month. 

Sitting Room - Space to play and TV with children's programmes available.

Dining Room - Access to some books. I use Travel cots for babies and mats and clean bed covers are available for children to have naps. I use the downstairs of the house, as I do not have a dedicated room upstairs that I can use for naps. Food is served in the dining room. I can seat 10 children around the table comfortably. I have two booster seats, two travel high chairs that can be used as a booster seats and one stand alone high chair.

Kitchen - Children will be accompanied and supervised when in the kitchen. We often do baking in the winter months. We can use seasonal fruit and veg grown in our garden througout the year to bake, cook and create delicious food! 

Bathroom - There upstairs bathroom is only used for "toilet emergencies" if the outside toilet is otherwise engaged. There are potties for potty training.

Playroom - there is a large variety of toys and games available in accessible shelves and toy boxes, suitable from newborn. I am waiting on my piano (ordered before COVID 19) for my own use but allow the children to play. I have a flute that I play. I have toy music instruments too. 

Garden - I have a large garden and lots of outdoor toys including water table, sand pit, paddling pools, play house, ride in cars, see-saws, slides, parachute, swings & climbing frame on a wooden play fort. I have a pond, sensory garden & coming this year - nature garden area. The pond is made safe with a soild safety grid covering the pond that is able to hold an adult's weight. 

Toys and Activties

I prefer to be out and about as much as possible in the surrounding area, but when I am at home there is always plenty to do.

Activties are themed and tailored to individual child's needs and age group.

There is a variety of age appropriate toys, games and books for children to play with. Toys are stored at a level where children can access them independently. 

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Ideally located for families coming from East Reading, Earley, Lower Earley, Woodley, Winnersh & Wokingham areas on their way into Reading Town Centre. We live in a spacious house with a large garden & dedicated play-room. The No. 19 & 13 Bus route (Orange) pass the end of my road. I am very close to Palmer Park, the No. 17 bus route (Purple), the A329M, A4 & Earley Rail Station.

I think the area where I live is fantastic. There is a brilliant community with a great mix of cultures and every amenity like the parks, library, children centres, nurseries and schools, local shops and community centres all close at hand.

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Collection, Drop-off & Transport

Currently I Collect and Drop off Children to Alfred Sutton Primary School, Alfred Sutton Nursery School and Crescent Under Fives Pre-School.

I also collect and drop off children from their homes for an additional fee. 

I drive a Ford S-Max 7 seater. I can safely carry up to 6 children at any one time.

Car Seats:
I have one rear facing baby car seat suitable up to 11kgs.

I have five booster seats, three with back rests and harnesses.

I have three harnessed and adjustable front facing car seats suitable up to 5 years.

I currently use the following other transport:

Double tandem pushchair - suitable from birth.

Two Strollers - one suitable from birth.

Baby-Bijorn baby carrier, suitable from birth.

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